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Get 资源 ideal for small business owners that have been in business for over a year.

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Learn the Steps to Personal 金融 to Empower your Business Funding
Join us for an in person workshop designed to help you elevate your small business funding by learning how to go back to the basics of personal finance.
The Power of Advancing Women in Business

Join us for an enlightening exploration of "The Power of Advancing Women in Business." Discover five profound wisdoms into how women have the power to change the world and as leaders encourage and facilitate networking relationships. Our esteemed keynote speaker, Kimber Maderazzo will share her insights on building a peer community, providing access to ideas, 资源, 支持, 和指导. She will not only inspire but also provide practical strategies paving the way for mentorship opportunities and collaborative growth.

Navigating Your 现金流 - Increasing Cash In and Decreasing Cash Out to Maximize Business Success
Get strategic about cash flow, learn the basics of balancing cash flow and how to apply best practices to your own business.
How Leaders Can Use ChatGPT, and Other AI 工具s, to Communicate More Productively

Leaders continually explore ways to sharpen their business edges, a process that's exhilarating and uncomfortable. Consider generative AI, for instance. Some CEOs might respond, 'Yes, take it somewhere else." However, most want to know how artificial intelligence tools can benefit their businesses. I certainly want to know, so I asked ChatGPT this: "How can you benefit my crane, 起重机服务, and below-the-hook solutions business? Tell me in 100 words." Here's how ChatGPT responded:

8 Practical Skills To Run A Successful Business
The presenter will give an overview of small business 资源 both now and what is planned for the near future.
Sarah Kowal will introduce you to game-changing online tools that will have you be the savvy one in the office, including one Master Biz Hack.

Greater Rochester SCORE and the Rochester Women's Network are partnering to bring you a full day of workshops bringing you "回归基础".  This is a FREE event. Registration is required and closes on Friday, May 17th.

Click the REGISTER NOW button for full details on each workshop and a link to Register.


MySBA: Transforming the way the SBA serves small business owners
Join this session to learn how the SBA is working to understand customers’ needs, 分享见解, and testing new approaches to deliver for you as it evolves to the agency of the future.
How to Start a 食物 Truck Business: A Step-by-Step Guide
Join this webinar to learn step-by-step how to launch and run a successful food truck business.
Spotlight on SCORE Central VA: Latasha Brooks' Exclusive Interview with NBC29

In this insightful interview, Latasha shares the spotlight on SCORE, an organization dedicated to 支持ing small businesses through mentorship and educational 资源. She delves into how SCORE Central Virginia Chapter helps entrepreneurs navigate their business journey and outlines the simple steps to access SCORE’s wealth of guidance and 支持. Dive in to discover how SCORE can help your business journey.

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